Infragistics, the company that provides UI and UX solutions for enterprises, today announced that Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 is now available. This release is intended to improve, streamline, and modernize app building with added features, capabilities, and UI controls, better design and development processes, and a streamlined and interactive data visualization experience. 

Among the new enhancements is improved design-to-code features and capabilities in App Builder, such as Swagger UI support, localhost data access, business charts, 15 screen layouts, brand new UI kits in the design system, and new add-ons in the App Builder toolbox.

Updated UI kits and new controls in Angular, Blazor, React, and Web Components, new themes, and Angular Pivot Grid and Blazor DockManager are also included in Infragistics Ultimate 22.1. 

Additionally, this release brings enhanced UX features across all data visualization controls, offering new defaults, updated themes, and new interactions. 

According to the company, Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 also offers users several new capabilities to go from design to code faster than before as well as accelerate development time up to 80%. 

This release also enables technical teams to easily connect Swagger definitions for Web APIs or Entity Framework models with live data in the cloud-based low-code App-Builder.  

According to Infragistics, a dozen more app templates as well as 15 new screen layouts are also available to users in order to assist them in building responsive pages in one click. 

The App-Builder on premise version can be securely deployed to a local network in order to be sure that all data and designs are protected from external influence. Users also gain live access to real data or auto-generated mock data based on schemas in their app design.

This release also brings several framework components such as the Pivot Grid, Microsoft Excel-like drag & drop UI in various grids, custom summaries in Angular and Dock Manager, Toast, Snackbar, and Slider for Blazor improve app development.

The company also stated that Ultimate 22.1 also packs necessary chart and graph improvements in order to ensure zero compromise on performance and zero compromise on user experience.