Infragistics, the UI and UX solutions company, today announced the launch of its cloud-based, drag and drop tool, App Builder, On-Prem. This edition can be used by both large scale designer-developer teams and developer-only enterprise teams.

App Builder is included with the Ignite UI for Angular and Blazor web-based toolkits and works to eliminate the complexity of user interface design and development so developers can build apps faster.

App Builder On-Prem brings the same features and benefits as the cloud version to enterprise organizations that have not yet approved the use of cloud-based SaaS solutions or those with sensitive design work that are able to go beyond a company’s firewall. 

It is accessible only by internal personnel and runnable on any infrastructure, ensuring that data and designs remain protected from outside influence. 

“The launch of App Builder On-Prem will further expand on App Builder’s mission to streamline app creation, from design to code,” said Jason Beres, SVP of developer tools at Infragistics. “We’re continuing to push down barriers and launch innovative features so all developers and designers can accelerate app design and development–no matter where they work.”

This On-Prem release comes as a part of Infragistics Ultimate 22.1 rollout which introduces new design-to-code features and capabilities for both versions of App Builder. These new features include  OpenAPI/Swagger support, data visualization and charts, new controls, updated code generation, app templates, and screen layouts.

App Builder is also included with the design-to-code platform, Indigo.Design. According to the company, this works to provide users with true UX design-development collaboration.

To download App Builder On-Prem and learn what else is included in Infragistics Ultimate 22.1, visit the website.