To help developers move from learning to applying that knowledge to make their code more secure, Secure Code Warrior today launched Coding Labs, to enable real-time coding in an in-browser IDE.

“We found that 40% of developers don’t believe they’re receiving enough hands-on training from their current tools and resources. We’ve set out to fundamentally change that,” said Pieter Danhieux, co-founder and CEO, Secure Code Warrior. “Coding Labs enables developers to learn in an environment that simulates the way they work and in turn, will see them more confidently write secure code. This is the future of vulnerability mitigation.”

With security moving into the realm of development in many organizations, developers often are not given enough training to know how to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. Secure Code Warrior is taking training to the next level, replacing virtualized environments with writing code in familiar IDEs.

According to the company, the Coding Labs platform lets developers access a library of training solutions, and as developers write code they get real-time feedback to build the skills needed to prevent introducing vulnerabilities into their code.

 To see a demo of Coding Labs, register for the Oct. 5 webinar, “Product Talk: Roadmap and Vision.” To learn more about Coding Labs, visit