If you are a hacker, creator, developer, or you just dabble in code, this trending repo on GitHub might make its way into your life, especially if you are looking for a fully extensible launcher.

Zazu is an open-source launcher with defaults that make it useful out of the box, according to its website. It is slightly different from other launchers since it “treats plug-ins as first-class citizens,” according to its website. So, even if the app finder is built as a plug-in, it can be replaced, if you so desire. Plug-ins are designed as natural extensions of Zazu so they don’t require special triggers, and it allows hackers a more intuitive plug-in API.

Some of the plug-ins available include 1Password, Ascii Search, Calculator (which is a basic calculator for Zazu), Chrome Bookmarks, Clipboard, Fallback, and a few others.

Also, Zazu supports Linux, macOS and Windows, and every build is tested on all of those platforms. This means a developer can switch between operating systems and still enjoy a consistent experience.

Zazu is licensed under the MIT license, so if an important feature or fix is needed, the Zazu team suggests you make a pull request. All configuration is in a single text file, and this can be backed up and versioned for more consistency, according to the Zazu website.

More information on Zazu and how to get started can be found on its GitHub page.

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