Appcito, a cloud application delivery solution provider, today announced their Cloud Application Front-End Proxy (CAFE) is now available for Microsoft Azure. Appcito’s CAFE is a purpose-built application delivery controller (ADC) for the cloud and completes the technology stack to provide L4-7 services in cloud environments. As part of the CAFE offering, Appcito’s proxy supports – cloud native load balancing, application security, A/B traffic testing for continuous delivery and operations, application performance insights with application analytics, and application performance optimization. Appcito CAFE works for traditional 3-tier application as well as micro services based applications.

Enterprises who are planning to move their applications to the cloud need to plan for traffic routing logic with naive load balancers, L7 traffic steering, SSL encryption, web application firewall, application elasticity, and application version control, among other concerns. Appcito CAFE for Azure empowers enterprises to move applications to Azure without compromising application services.

Streamlining the Process of Moving Applications to Public Clouds
Appcito CAFE for Azure allows enterprises to gradually migrate their application workloads to the cloud. Enterprises can route small portions of application traffic to Azure, evaluate performance and then gradually move 100% of application traffic. CAFE’s elastic and autoscaling properties provide flexible ways to move applications as opposed to upfront planning and investigation to predict the size of ADC and migrate 100% of application. As such, application testing, deployment, and upgrading is simplified and time IT is required to spend is greatly reduced.

Benefits to Enterprise IT:

  • Higher Agility: Provide tenant application teams and developers ability to self-provision application delivery services
  • Simpler Application Change Management: Easy to onboard and update each application with its own elastic CAFE service without interfering with other applications
  • Improved Visibility and Insights: Get rich set of aggregate and per application traffic metrics for improved capacity planning and infrastructure optimization
  • Micro Services Support: Support multiple types of applications, including traditional web applications, micro service based applications
  • Highly Cost-Effective: Available as a subscription offering with no upfront capital expenses

Appcito CAFE for Azure, provides multiple benefits to application teams and developers with its rich set of policy driven and programmable application delivery services that can be provisioned and operated on a per application basis. Appcito CAFE works in conjunction with Azure Traffic Manager and complements the functionality. Together, Windows Azure Traffic Manager and Appcito CAFE offer the full suite of L4-7 services for enterprise applications.

  • Advanced Elastic Load Balancing: HTTP (L7) and TCP (L4) load balancing and elastic SSL offload that can start small and scale horizontally to accommodate application workloads
  • Visibility and Analytics: Granular and extensive application traffic visibility and analytics
  • Application Security: Elastic Web application firewall service, anomaly detection, Bot protection and DDoS protection
  • Continuous Deployment: Automated policy driven traffic management supporting continuous deployment
  • Closed-Loop Application Delivery: Adjust traffic policies utilizing analytics engine to optimize performance, security, cost