Appcito, a cloud application delivery company, today announced CAFE for Docker to offer Docker platform support for its flagship cloud-native Cloud Application Front End (CAFE) service. Appcito CAFE for Docker unifies all of the application delivery services including advanced load balancing, application security, continuous deployment, performance optimization, and application analytics and insights needed for delivering business-critical Docker containerized applications. Purpose-built to help agile application operations teams, the CAFE for Docker software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering is designed for Docker containers running in AWS, OpenStack, VMware and Azure environments.

“Appcito is driving the next generation of application delivery for cloud, containers and DevOps,” said Paul Burns, president at industry analyst firm Neovise. “CAFE combines the performance, availability, security and scale of traditional delivery solutions with the elasticity, agility, usability and analytics required by today’s applications. CAFE for Docker brings all this to the remarkably popular Docker ecosystem where I expect it to thrive.”

Located strategically close to applications inside cloud data centers, Appcito CAFE accelerates and simplifies application delivery. In less than five minutes, DevOps and enterprise IT teams can configure application delivery services that ensure enterprise applications and micro services are fast, secure, reliable and elastic. CAFE also leverages big data analytics and real-time insights for unprecedented application visibility, as well as the ability to optimally tune application behavior through dynamic policy management of application services.

Unified Application Front-End Capabilities Deliver Powerful Benefits, Easily
Appcito CAFE for Docker is designed to work in any public cloud (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM SoftLayer), private cloud (e.g., based on OpenStack, VMware) and hybrid cloud environment.

It can be activated in minutes and delivers:

  • Availability: Advanced elastic load balancing and content switching, with built-in analytics and feedback capabilities to maintain high availability of applications
  • Performance: End-user performance optimization, especially for mobile devices
  • Security: Web Application Firewall, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and elastic SSL
  • Continuous deployment: Automated policy-driven traffic steering and traffic analytics for smooth code upgrades; request mirroring between production and Dev/Test
  • Insights: Application analytics and insights for optimizing performance, security, costs and deployment effectiveness; the ability to continuously improve applications based on insights and learning.

“CAFE for Docker extends the power of unified application delivery to applications developed on Docker so that developers can fully focus on writing applications and not infrastructure,” said Kamal Anand, CEO of Appcito. “Besides addressing the key problem of easily load balancing across multiple Docker containers in a VM, our unified, easy-to-consume and multi-cloud offering which supports continuous deployment enhances the key benefits of using Docker for application development – agility, portability and maintainability.”