AppDynamics, the leader in application performance management (APM) for the cloud generation, today announced a release that represents a major milestone in the company’s mission to dramatically simplify the process of managing modern, complex, and dynamic applications. The release emphasizes support for Operations and Development teams tasked with managing distributed environments with hundreds or even thousands of nodes.

Over the past year, AppDynamics has supported enterprise organizations with highly distributed environments, including public cloud deployments of mission-critical applications. Many of these customers have provided feedback that AppDynamics has incorporated into its latest release, resulting in an application performance management solution that delivers groundbreaking new support for companies that need to monitor, troubleshoot, and fix complex application issues.

With AppDynamics 3.4, AppDynamics introduces:
• Application Flow Map 2.0
AppDynamics has optimized its Flow Map to support environments with up to 7,500 nodes, giving its customers a better ability to visualize and navigate their entire application–just as though they’re viewing a Google map. In addition, users can personalize their own custom App Maps and share different perspectives with other users.
• Agile Release Analytics
Customers can now compare their application performance and business transaction flows before and after an agile release, helping them understand the effect of releases on application performance, business transaction performance, and infrastructure performance. This helps Development teams recognize the impact their agile releases have in production so they can better manage performance and availability.
• Role Perspectives
3.4 now provides multi-dimensional views for DBA, ESB, Messaging, CMS and Security administrators who are looking to see how their respective tiers impact application and business transaction performance. For example, a DBA can now look at the performance of their database, see the top slowest SQL queries, and then understand which business transactions are impacted by those queries.

Earlier this month, AppDynamics also announced the free inclusion of End User Monitoring in its Pro edition, enabling customers to monitor their global audience, capture end-to-end performance metrics for all business transactions, identify bottlenecks anywhere in the transaction flow, and compare performance across all browser types.

“AppDynamics is declaring war on complex APM solutions,” said Jyoti Bansal, Founder & CEO of AppDynamics. “As applications continue their race to become larger, more complex, and harder to manage, our mission statement at AppDynamics is to consistently amaze our customers with our ability to simplify their lives and reduce their troubleshooting time from hours to minutes. We’re excited about equipping them with the new features in AppDynamics 3.4 and raising the bar in terms of how fast these teams can get complete visibility and root cause analysis.”