AppDynamics, the leader in application performance management (APM) for the cloud generation, announced today the release of AppDynamics Lite for .NET, the first production-ready performance monitoring tool for the .NET framework. Support for .NET dramatically expands the scope of AppDynamics Lite, which has been enthusiastically embraced in the Java community and has surpassed over 70,000 users.

The free .NET monitoring product allows IT Pros to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose performance problems in production. AppDynamics Lite installs in less than 90 seconds, identifies and monitors an application’s business transactions, and gives immediate insight into common application issues such as slow SQL, stalls, errors, and slow response time. With complete code-level diagnostics and comprehensive trending and alerting capabilities, AppDynamics Lite is now the most powerful free production monitoring tool in the industry for both Java and .NET.

“The success of AppDynamics Lite so far clearly demonstrates that IT Pros need a free monitoring solution for their production applications,” says Jyoti Bansal, Founder and CEO of AppDynamics. “They need far more than simple system monitoring tools like Perfmon. AppDynamics Lite is exactly what app support teams require – a production monitoring tool solution that provides insight deep into the application layer.”

“The fact that AppDynamics is offering this download for free is borderline crazy,” said Nick Koning, Technical Architect at Best Practice. “We’ve used it to monitor a single Microsoft IIS Web Server, and we’ve been blown away by how easy it is to use a business transaction approach to production monitoring and gain code-level diagnostics in seconds. None of us here have any doubt that this is a game-change for .NET developer and operations teams.”

AppDynamics Lite is installed directly on an instance of IIS. With AppDynamics Lite, IT Pros have the ability to drill down into slow requests as well as gain a high-level overview of how their application performs over time. AppDynamics Lite for .NET offers an extraordinarily simple approach to monitoring ASP.NET and WCF applications.