AppDynamics, Inc., the leader in application performance management (APM) for the cloud generation, today announced version 2.0 of its free java troubleshooting solution, AppDynamics Lite. The new version dramatically expands the solution’s capabilities by adding visibility into JMX metrics as well as offering proactive alerting, enabling application Development and Operations teams to be notified when application performance degrades in production.

The free Java troubleshooting product, which recently surpassed over 50,000 downloads, supports IT Ops and Dev teams who need to rapidly troubleshoot and diagnose application performance problems in production. The solution installs in minutes, identifies and monitors an application’s business transactions, and gives immediate insight into common application issues such as slow SQL, stalls, errors, and slow response time.  With the additional ability to monitor JMX metrics, as well as set up alerts that trigger based on an application’s performance, AppDynamics Lite 2.0 becomes the most powerful free production monitoring tool in the industry.

“AppDynamics Lite has helped Dev and Ops teams worldwide by equipping them with a free solution for getting full visibility and code-level detail in production environments,” said Jyoti Bansal, AppDynamics founder &CEO. “The addition of JMX Metrics and Alerting means that these same stakeholders will not require any other free monitoring tool such as JConsole or Visual VM in order to solve one-off problems in application performance.”

While Dev and Ops teams typically use profilers to gather data and resolve problems, such tools are ill-suited for production environments where they will create heavy overhead and degrade the application’s overall performance. AppDynamics Lite runs with less than 2% overhead in most production environments, yet gives complete visibility into a single Java Virtual Machine (JVM), as well as code-level details when performance problems arise. This makes the solution suitable for tomcat monitoring, jboss monitoring, weblogic monitoring, websphere monitoring, and any other application sever that runs on Java 1.5 and above.

AppDynamics also offers AppDynamics Pro, its commercial edition that provides additional capabilities by enabling the proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of large, distributed environments, including public cloud deployments of mission-critical applications. Pricing for AppDynamics Pro starts at $2,000.