, the first mobile platform to offer a cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated backend services, today announced that it now supports the AngularJS and Bootstrap frameworks, becoming the first low-code platform for rapid development of responsive and mobile apps across phones, tablets and desktops. The upgrade empowers both IT and citizen developers to target iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web browsers with a single codebase. Additionally, the company announced that its community has surpassed 200,000 developers, continuing its very rapid growth.

Both AngularJS and Bootstrap have grown significantly in popularity amongst developers in recent years and’s easy-to-use platform now expands its reach to enable business analysts, designers, and other developers to benefit from these modern frameworks. AngularJS improves productivity significantly by requiring less code and providing outstanding support for the Model View Controller development pattern. Bootstrap is the leading JavaScript framework for Responsive Web Applications – a critical feature for creating apps that automatically adapt to provide the best user experience regardless of screen size.

“We’re proud to consistently showcase our leadership in the industry with our high productivity, cloud-based platform,” said Fima Katz, CEO of Appery, LLC, makers of “We strive to simplify application development and deployment and are thrilled that developers of all levels can now benefit from the most modern frameworks. Over 200,000 developers have adopted and we believe that their satisfaction is the most telling indicator that the innovations we are bringing to market solve difficult problems for developers and enterprises worldwide.”

With’s unique low-code development environment, developers can enjoy the features supported by these frameworks with industry leading productivity and speed. For AngularJS, those features include data binding, controllers, directives, filters and UI components such as the AngularJS Google Maps. With Bootstrap, developers are able to use the Bootstrap Grid System, responsive utilities for showing and hiding content depending on screen size, and UI components such as dropdowns, button groups, alerts and more. dramatically simplifies integration with cloud services and enterprise systems, combining the simplicity of visual development with the power of JavaScript, to create cross-platform enterprise apps rapidly. More information on this upgrade can be found here.