When you are developing client-side and server-side applications, they need to be perfect. That is why PerfectlySoft developed Perfect, a web server and toolkit for developers.

The solution is designed specifically for Apple’s open-source programming language Swift, allowing developers to build applications using only Swift.

“It’s the ideal backbone for cloud and mobile technologies,” the company wrote on its website. “Developers can be more productive and efficient using Perfect to write less code and work in one fundamental language for all their needs.”

Perfect features full Xcode and debugging support to ensure code is bug-free and works properly.

Apple recently announced Swift 3.0, resulting in the release of Perfect 2.0 with Swift 3.0 support.

“Perfect 2.0 has been designed in lockstep with Apple’s consistent stream of updates, including the Swift Package Manager,” said Sean Stephens, CEO of PerfectlySoft. “Based on feedback from the Swift community, we also added new features, including increased modularity and interoperability, and these go into effect with Perfect 2.0 as we continue to innovate the platform for Swift’s growing base of users.”

Perfect 2.0 includes support for additional data sources and file forms, significant performance improvements, and scalability enhancements.

“Swift is evolving extremely rapidly,” said James Governor, analyst for RedMonk, in a statement. “Perfect 2.0 responds by supporting Swift 3.0 and the Swift Package Manager to help developers keep up with changes to this fast moving target.”

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