If there’s no news… well, let’s make some up. That’s my thought upon reading all the stories about Apple’s forthcoming iWatch: a product that, as far as anyone knows, doesn’t exist.

That hasn’t stopped everyone from Forbes to CNN to InformationWeek to “The New York Times” from jumping in with breathless analysis of the rumor.

Turn the page.

More breathless analysis focused on why Microsoft’s stores and retail partners didn’t have enough stock of the Surface Pro tablet. Was this intentional, some wondered, as part of a scheme to make the device appear more popular?

My friend John P. Mello Jr. had solid analysis in his article for PC World, “Microsoft Surface Pro sell-out flap: Is the tablet really that popular?”

I think the real reason is that Microsoft isn’t very good at sales estimation or manufacturing logistics. Companies like Apple and HP have dominated, in large part, because of their mastery of the supply chain. Despite its success with the Xbox consoles, Microsoft is a hardware newbie. I think the inventory shortfall was a screw-up, but an honest one.

After all, when Apple or Samsung run out of hot items, nobody says “It’s a trick.”

Can’t leave the conversation about rumors without mentioning the kerfuffle about “The New York Times” story, “Stalled Out on Tesla’s Electric Highway.” In short: “Times” columnist John M. Broder claims that the Tesla Model S electric car doesn’t live up to its claimed 265-mile estimated range. Tesla founder Elon Musk tweeted, “NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake.”

Everyone loves a good Twitter fight; dozens of pundits and gazillions of clicks are keeping this story in the news.

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