MongoDB unveiled new services designed to not only give developers more freedom for deploying, managing, and scaling MongoDB, but also enable developers to quickly build modern applications with ease.

At this year’s MongoDB World in Chicago, MongoDB unveiled MongoDB Stitch, a new Backend as a Service (BaaS) that simplifies application development. Developers can now compose external services to build applications, without compromising on how they access their data.

According to the company, MongoDB Stitch provides a uniform, document-centric API to database operations and service integrations, so developers can focus on user experiences and features rather than writing boilerplate code and dealing with operations.

“In this world, services become the building blocks of innovation, and the need to reimplement the same commodity components disappears completely. But the mere existence of services isn’t enough, because there is still the drudgery of tying those services together, implementing tricky but essential access control, and of course managing data,” said Eliot Horowitz, CTO of MongoDB.

According to Horowitz, MongoDB Stitch removes those barriers and gives developers the tools they need to “build ground-breaking applications with less friction than ever before.”

Also coming out of MongoDB World today is the availability of MongoDB Atlas on all major cloud platforms. MongoDB Atlas is a cloud database as a service, and it’s now available beyond Amazon Web Services to include Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Organizations can also gain the productivity benefits from MongoDB’s data model and expressive query language on their preferred public could, according to the company.

“By extending availability of MongoDB Atlas across AWS and now to Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, we’re ensuring that MongoDB users everywhere can easily leverage the database with the cloud services they want, all without worrying about the operational overhead of running the database according to best practices,” said Sahir Azam, vice president of cloud products at MongoDB.

In addition, MongoDB Atlas aims to helps developers by freeing up their time, so they don’t have to worry about operational tasks like provisioning, configuration, patching, upgrades, backups, and failure recovery. Just like MongoDB Stitch, developers can focus on building high-quality applications.