Picture a new programming language that’s like Swift, JavaScript and Smalltalk packed into a tiny virtual machine. It can be written once, and it can run on any operating system. This is Gravity, a Swift-like programming language, in a nutshell.

This powerful, dynamically typed, lightweight and embeddable programming language is written in C, but it is a class-based concurrent scripting language with a modern Swift-like syntax.

Its built-in special methods let developers use it as a prototype-based programming language. Plus, it supports procedural, object-oriented, functional and data-driven programming.

This language was actually developed from scratch for the Creo project. Creo is a modern design tool for Mac that combines design and development. According to Creo Labs, they created this language because other programming languages didn’t satisfy their needs. The team wanted a modern syntax and a class-based language that gives users the ability to use object-oriented programming. Put that into a tiny and highly efficient package, and you have Gravity.

According to Creo, Gravity has no dependencies, and the VM implementation has less than 4,000 lines of high-performance C99 code. In Gravity, developers will find useful features like nested classes, high-efficiency closure support, built-in unit testing support, and language extension with a C API.

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