appMobi today announced the addition of four mobile Web services to its comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) mobile app ecosystem solution.  Through its free cross platform developer toolkit, the appMobi XDK, appMobi now provides mobile application and Web developers the most complete integrated set of hosted tools and services.

appMobi’s new mobile Web services – including  1Touch frictionless payments,  pushMobi multimedia push notifications, statMobi mobile analytics, and LiveUpdates over-the-air app updates – join  a comprehensive suite of tools enabling any developer to create engaging and monetizable mobile apps, enable mobile commerce and analyze usage.

The appMobi XDK provides integrated tools for fully testing and publishing HTML-based code as either native apps or WebApps.  Through the XDK, appMobi’s mobile Web services are uniformly available to mobile Web, Apple iOS, Google Android and BlackBerry developers. Apps built with the appMobi XDK, whether native or not, can all utilize native device features, such as the accelerometer, camera, GPS and file system.  With the addition of these new mobile Web services, developers can use the appMobi XDK to easily augment existing apps or build new apps that go well beyond the capabilities of currently available apps:

1Touch Frictionless Payments – Selected as a finalist in the 2011 CTIA E-Tech Awards, the 1Touch payment technology enables “single touch” in-app purchases within apps or websites through a highly-secure mobile wallet on the device and a few lines of HTML code.  Though Apple’s “Paid Subscriptions” and Google’s “One Pass” systems make in-app purchasing of virtual goods easy, they don’t address the buying of physical goods, nor do they work on the mobile Web.  appMobi’s 1Touch complements these app stores with one touch purchasing of physical or virtual goods either from within apps or via the mobile Web.  1Touch integrates with payment gateways such as Authorize.Net  and PayPal, and with carrier billing.  1Touch brings the ease and convenience of secure frictionless payments to the entire mobile space, finally opening the mobile market to merchants selling physical goods.

pushMobi Multimedia Push Notifications – Push messaging is a proven and powerful way to engage users through mobile apps, alerting them to news, information and messages.  With pushMobi, appMobi has evolved push messaging to a new level, delivering rich media messages with video, audio and HTML5 content.  The pushMobi online dashboard (which integrates with any ad campaign management software) lets content providers target groups of users based on device, geography, demographics and other criteria.

statMobi Mobile Analytics –  Advertisers and webmasters depend on analytics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and content.  statMobi provides app developers the first comprehensive set of analytic tools for measuring app usage, both online and offline.  statMobi mobile analytics tracks app starts, clickstreams, push messaging reception and response, and payments made, among other data points.   statMobi continuously captures metrics even when a device is offline during app use, then sends them once the device is back online.  statMobi is the only “always-on” mobile analytics tool.   

LiveUpdates OTA App Updating – Apps created using the appMobi XDK can now push new content, features, bug fixes and new versions over-the-air right to users’ devices, without requiring an app store update. With LiveUpdates, developers can better ensure that their users have the latest content and newest versions of their apps.

appMobi is at the vanguard of mobile application innovation.  At Mobile World Congress in February 2011, the company unveiled MobiUs – the first-of-its-kind mobile Web browser technology.  Mobius allows developers to create Web applications – or WebApps – that exceed the functionality possible with native apps produced without the appMobi XDk, putting the entire World Wide Web on equal footing with app stores as the distribution channel for discovering, downloading and interacting with mobile apps.  
Attendees of CTIA WIRELESS 2011, held March 22 to 24 in Orlando, Florida, can visit appMobi’s booth 3196, located inside the Apps World section of the exhibit floor, for a demonstration of the entire appMobi PaaS.