Microsoft has called its legions home to Washington this week for its TechReady event, and SharePoint is certainly front and center in training for the home folks. While what happens at this event in Redmond stays in Redmond, you can be certain the Microsofties are getting the lowdown on where the software is at, and where it’s going.

This is good news for those of you planning to attend BZ Media’s SPTechCon in October! We’re adding a full-day workshop and a second “Microsoft Day” of classroom instruction to the program, all taught by Microsoft engineers with the latest, best knowledge of the software. While the presentations are aimed at Microsoft partners who have been invited to the conference, the company has said it will open the doors and make these sessions available to ALL conference attendees. Talk about getting it straight from the horse’s mouth!

These sessions will make a perfect complement to the already-rich program being offered. Check the website in the coming weeks for more details on the Microsoft sessions.

— David