AtegoAtego, the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware, launches a new version of Atego ApexAda Developer Enterprise Edition with  Ada 2005 support.
Atego ApexAda Developer 5.0 is a major new release with complete support for the language features in Ada 2005.  It passes all available Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite (ACATS) tests applicable for native code compilation and execution.  The Atego ApexAda Developer product provides a complete solution for editing, compiling, debugging, testing, managing, and executing even the most complex and challenging Ada applications on UNIX and Linux-based operating systems.
In addition to traditional compilation features, Atego ApexAda Developer incorporates a sophisticated architectural and build control mechanism, configuration management and version control (CMVC) capabilities to help development teams keep control of their updates and manage changes to their application code.  Atego TestMate is also included to provide automation of the testing process, including regression testing and coverage analysis.  In addition to being an integration and system testing tool to help automate the software testing process, Atego TestMate also allows developers to easily compose test cases into test suites that can be executed and evaluated automatically.
For projects requiring support of the X-Windows System’s network display services and the OSF/Motif graphical user interface (GUI), Atego provides AXIBindings for Atego ApexAda Developer 5.0 as an add-on product.  AXI gives Ada programmers access to more than 2,000 functions and types in the X library, extensions and utilities, the Xt toolkit and the Motif widget set and resource manager.
“This release advances Atego’s long term commitment to Ada its Ada customers which continue to utilize Ada as an invaluable asset in their development arsenal,” stated Hedley Apperly, Atego’s Vice-President of Product & Marketing. “Atego will continue to invest in further enhancements to the Atego ApexAda Developer line with embedded and real-time products for Ada 2005 now and in the future.”
Shipping and Availability
Atego ApexAda Developer 5.0 is fully released and immediately available for native code development and execution on Solaris/SPARC, Solaris/Intel, Linux/Intel platforms. Atego ApexAda Developer 5.0 supports RedHat, SUSE, and other popular Linux distributions.  Special product license pricing is available for existing Atego ApexAda Developer users.