Development tool and component provider Atego is launching Atego Vantage, a model-based systems and software engineering solution.

Atego Vantage combines model-based systems and software engineering, asset-based modular design, and variable product-line engineering.

“We’ve put those ideas together, and we’ve put together a model-based systems and software engineering with asset-based modular design and model-based product-line engineering,” said Hedley Apperly, vice president of product and marketing at Atego.

By combining those three approaches, according to Apperly, development costs can be reduced by 62% while completing 23% more projects on time.

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Atego Vantage includes four modular tools: Atego Modeler, Atego Asset Library, Atego Process Director and Atego Check. Atego Modeler provides SysML and UML.

Atego Asset Library is an index that allows users to link models to models, has a deep integration with Atego Modeler, and allows users to build and design systems of systems or component-based software applications.

Atego Process Director is a tool for documenting and deploying system and software engineering processes. It’s embedded with the Atego Perspective set of best practices.

Atego Check is a process auditing and checklist-management tool for certified projects. It is linked closely with Process Director.

“What we are providing is an environment that lets people design the way they are building,” Apperly said.

Atego Vantage allows developers to design things up front so they can collaborate and find problems early, according to Apperly. It also lets developers do product-line engineering where common families of products can be designed, giving them reuse benefits.

“Atego Vantage’s integrated approach offers unique benefits to our customers,” Apperly said. “It simplifies product line design, increases intra-family reuse, and improves both product quality and engineering productivity.”

Atego Vantage also makes things simpler with modeling so users can find problems earlier, said Apperly. It also provides automation, end-to-end traceability, and improved communications.

“We believe Atego Vantage provides a fundamental shift in approach for system and software modeling, engineering whole product lines rather than individual systems,” said Richard Horsman, Atego’s CEO.