Help+Manual is an XML-based help authoring tool online help and user manuals. Enter text and the Help & Manual converts it into ready-to-use Windows help files, web-based interactive help, PDF manuals, eBooks and more. All the complex conversion work is handled by the program – no specialized skills are required.

The user interface is similar to that of a word processer, making it easy to learn. Texts are organized in topics, which are displayed in the same table of contents that the user will see later.

Help+Manual 6: Direct export for iPad and iPhone
Version 6 of the program has just been released and includes the following major new features and improvements:
+ Optimized user interface: The user interface has been optimized and to make it even more visual and intuitive. The re-introduced File menu includes a list of recently opened projects. Tabbed editing has been added, making it possible to edit multiple topics at the same time in tabs – for example when you are working on related topics.
+ New WebHelp 2.0: The WebHelp output has been completely overhauled and now uses a modern HTML5-based layout with integrated support for the jQuery JavaScript framework. The new format provides more flexibility and makes it easer to integrate WebHelp in existing websites. The jQuery framework enables attractive animated effects for things like the table of contents tree and expanding sections, and also makes it easy for authors to add their own advanced functions. Search engine visibility is improved with headings exported as standard h1 – h6 tags and support for auto-generate XML sitemap files.
+ iPad and iPhone support: Mobile devices are becoming increasingly more important, and Help+Manual 6 now comes with direct support for the Apple iPad and iPhone. People can now publish their projects directly as ePUB eBooks optimized for the iBooks reader on these Apple devices. The ePUB eBooks are also compatible with many other eBook readers.

“People are now using stationary computers less and less,” says EC Software CEO Alexander Halser. “We’re living in a mobile world, and that’s why Help & Manual 6 now produces documentation that can be displayed directly on the iPad and iPhone.”

Download a free trial of Help+Manual 6
Single-user licenses for Help+Manual 6 for Windows XP/SP3, Vista and 7 (32 or 64 bit) cost $499, the server version is available for $1295. Help+Manual can be purchased directly from EC Software’s online shop. A 30-day free trial version is available on the product’s website.