CloudBees is giving enterprises a new tool to speed up their software development initiatives. The company announced CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a new solution designed to enable enterprise-wide DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CD).

“As organizations drive Continuous Delivery and DevOps transformations more deeply from a few teams to enterprise-wide rollouts, they need a platform that makes it possible for them to not only accelerate software delivery but [also] gain the reliability, upgradeability, scalability and maintainability that become increasingly critical at scale,” said Sacha Labourey, CEO and cofounder of CloudBees.

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According to CloudBees, in order to implement CD and DevOps, enterprises need support for heterogeneous tools, resiliency, enterprise security, the ability to unify their process, and scalability. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise aims to address these needs with enterprise manageability and operations capabilities; enterprise security features like user management; authentication and access control; Docker containers; the ability to run on the platform of choice; a cloud-native architecture; lower infrastructure costs; and a CloudBees Assurance Program.

“CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is the only Continuous Delivery platform today that is ready for enterprise scale and works in the same unified and consistent way across a number of technologies and platform environments,” said Labourey.

In addition, the solution features a Distributed Pipeline Architecture in order to distribute workloads across multiple servers and provide scalability. “Now multiple teams using multiple pipelines can deliver multiple business-critical services reliably. Scaling with DPA enables speed and stability,” wrote Brian Dawson, Jenkins marketing manager for CloudBees, in a blog post.

Additional features include the ability to track projects end-to-end, monitor build performance, and gain visibility into pipeline status.