Microsoft has released Cloud-based Load Testing REST APIs for cloud-based load testing with Visual Studio Online.

Microsoft program manager Jimson Chalissery announced the REST APIs in a blog post explaining how the release is driven by customer requests for expanded automated load-testing capabilities. With the cloud-based REST APIs for Visual Studio Online, Microsoft seeks to catch up with trends in automation.

“The Cloud-based Load Testing REST APIs give you the ability to execute Load tests from the Cloud in an automated manner, that can be integrated either as part of your Continuous Integration/Deployment pipeline or Test Automation,” he wrote.

The APIs enable a variety of new load-testing features in Visual Studio Online, including the ability to:
• Start or stop a load test run
• Get load test results for application performance and throughput
• Get service messages during a run
• Get exceptions (if any) from the service during a run
• Get counter instances and samples for a load test run
• Get application counters for apps configured with your load test
• Get a list of all past load test runs, filtered by requester, date or status.

More information on the Cloud-based Load Testing APIs can be found in the API documentation.