AvePoint, the leader in governance, compliance, and management solutions for social enterprise collaboration platforms, announced today the general availability of AvePoint Perimeter. AvePoint Perimeter enables trusted, remote SharePoint access, allowing employees to work securely on the go.

AvePoint Perimeter utilizes a centralized management console to establish enterprise governance policies for mobile and remote SharePoint access in order to provide security for your SharePoint content. Organizations can control SharePoint content access through a mobile application where users can choose their own access points, or if a mobile device is not available or registered, through a SharePoint filter based on a defined combination of browser type, device type, location, and existing authentication systems.

By combining traditional 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), existing device authentication security systems, and location-based controls, AvePoint Perimeter enables secure, remote access to SharePoint for trusted users, on trusted devices, in trusted locations. Administrators can also track, report on, and audit all remote SharePoint content access, user activity, and geographic locations.

AvePoint Perimeter allows IT administrators to:
• Ensure your devices and corporate data are secure with continuous monitoring and auditing of user activity and mobile device details
• Protect against accidental breaches, non-compliant behavior, or employee turnover by disabling access and remote wiping devices of cached data
• Protect against unauthorized or unknown applications accessing SharePoint content by allowing or blocking Web Service calls based on the user agent
• Reduce organizational risk and enable regulatory compliance by providing multi-layered authentication to remote SharePoint access
• Secure remote access to SharePoint content with centralized access controls across trust users, devices, and locations

“Employees are no longer working strictly from within company walls – the workforce has truly become mobile and organizations are looking for a way to ensure that their employees can stay productive while away from the office, without sacrificing the security of the data they are accessing,” said Dmitry Kagansky, Vice President of Enterprise Applications and Mobility, AvePoint. “AvePoint Perimeter provides that security for mobile and remote SharePoint access, allowing workers to stay productive on the go while giving organizations peace of mind that their private data remains safe and secure.”

AvePoint Perimeter supports on-premises versions of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013, and can remotely access SharePoint through Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Mobile device support currently includes Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (iOS 5, 6, 7), with Android support coming soon.

AvePoint has helped more than 10,000 organizations across 88 countries collaborate with confidence since its founding in 2001. With robust protection, management, compliance, reporting, and migration capabilities, as well as true, global 24/7 live support, AvePoint is the leader in governance, compliance, and management solutions for social enterprise collaboration platforms.

AvePoint Perimeter is generally available today, Tuesday, October 15. To learn more about AvePoint Perimeter, please visit the AvePoint website.