#1: Awesome Awesomeness
Continuing the trend of Awesome projects making it into the Top 5, Awesome Awesomeness is an awesome list curated by Alexander Bayandin of other Awesome curated lists, from awesome programming languages to awesome algorithms, awesome Big Data, awesome HTML5, awesome machine learning and many other awesome things. Enough awesome for you?

#2: Magic Tools

magicwandGitHub is all about lists this week. Compiled by Ellison Leão, Magic Tools is a list of game development resources to “make magic happen.” The list ranges from graphics, code, and audio to board games and schoolwork. Whether the tools are truly magical is up to each developer to decide.

#3: Weather Icons

weathericonsWeather Icons is a font of 123 weather-themed icons, ready to be dropped right into Bootstrap or any other project. Inspired by Font Awesome and developed by Erik Flowers, they work in essentially the same way. The icons are infinitely scalable, and any CSS that can be applied to text can be applied to them. All you need to do to insert an icon is add the base class and the specific icon class to an “i” element.

#4: TypeScript
We’ve covered TypeScript, Microsoft’s superset JavaScript programming language, in all shapes and forms. Check out SD Times articles on:

TypeScript 1.0

TypeScript support for Apache Cordova in Visual Studio