Axceler yesterday introduced FileLoader for SharePoint 2010, for IT managers to use when moving files from Windows file shares into SharePoint 2010.

FileLoader for SharePoint 2010 provides version control, workflow and document retention capabilities. FileLoader for SharePoint 2010 will be demonstrated for the first time at an upcoming webinar tomorrow at 2 p.m. EDT.

“Many enterprises are seeking the benefits of SharePoint 2010 but have large amounts of content stored in Windows file shares without any sense of organization or structure,” said Michael Alden, president and CEO of Axceler, said in a statement announcing the release.

“One of the most common reasons companies delay a migration to SharePoint 2010 is because of the need to move key content from file shares that may have been around a long time. Enterprises also ask for the ability to analyze and structure this content to work with the new Managed Metadata Service capabilities of SharePoint 2010, and we are excited to expedite the migration to SharePoint 2010 with this product.”

With File Loader, users can migrate data to SharePoint 2010 in different ways, the company claimed, including moving file shares to SharePoint as-is and maintaining the file structure; reorganizing the content manually and pushing it to a new SharePoint layout; or migrating iteratively, which allows the clean-up, sorting and transformation of the data to be performed on a user-defined schedule.