Perfecto Mobile’s newly launched solution, Wind Tunnel, allows developers to go “back to the future” by predicting how a mobile application will look before it is released into the market.

Wind Tunnel is a new method of looking at functional testing, and it brings end users “into the lab,” so to speak, by offering developers predefined user profiles that combine a variety of aggregated automated test scenarios, according to Eran Kinsbruner, mobile technical evangelist at Perfecto.

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These user profiles contain test conditions that affect the applications, including location changes, varying network quality, usage patterns, low battery, and outdated operating systems.

The profiles also take in to account different conditions that may be specific to a user population or demographic.

Kinsbruner said that it is “critical” for organizations to look at their digital engagement and focus on the experience of the end-user and their expectations, especially since brands use apps to engage with their customers.

The company said that the profiles are not meant to be comprehensive, but they serve as examples of the most common users that the teams should focus on accommodating.

Wind Tunnel also works with existing test tools, includes new reporting data to understand how the app is working, and gives development teams the ability to take on the end user’s perspective, allowing testing “for the future” a possibility.

Because who knows, those end users might just be a teenage skater boy and a mad-looking scientist, using a mobile app in a DeLorean.