Barchart, a leading provider of market data and information, has announced today the release of a set of WebSockets APIs that allows users to stream real-time market data directly to web browsers as well as mobile apps. These APIs include Java, JavaScript and Swift (coming soon) libraries which will facilitate streaming real-time market data to web-driven applications using Socket.IO. Socket.IO primarily uses the WebSocket protocol and the major advantage of these APIs is the access to real-time streaming market data directly within an internet browser with no third-party plug-ins required. This new technology combined with Barchart’s cloud-based and scalable AWS infrastructure makes it easier and more efficient than ever before to integrate and deliver real-time streaming market data to web, mobile and desktop applications.

“Socket.IO and WebSockets have become the leading technology for delivering streaming data over HTTP into web and mobile apps,” says Eero Pikat, President of Barchart. “Barchart has used this technology internally for over a year, and we believe that it has fully matured and is production grade. The open source community surrounding JavaScript, Node.js, and Socket.IO is substantial, and we are satisfied with the performance, scalability, and cross-platform compatibility that it offers,” added Pikat.

Market data available through the WebSockets APIs includes real-time and delayed streaming coverage for stocks, ETFs, indices, options, forex, and futures.  Exchange covers includes NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, Bats, ICE, CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, MGEX, Eurex, BM&F Bovespa, LME, CBOE and more.

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