Concurrent, Inc., the enterprise Big Data application platform company, wraps up the first half of 2013 with unprecedented growth and momentum. The company continues to drive Big Data application development on Apache Hadoop with the rapid adoption of its Cascading application framework, the introduction of open source projects Cascading Lingual and Cascading Pattern, the expansion of the company’s leadership team, new strategic partnerships and $4 million in Series A funding.

Cascading is rapidly becoming the framework of choice for tackling enterprise Big Data processing needs in an effort to make the most of growing volumes of unstructured and semi-structured data stored in Hadoop. With the continuing and rapid evolution of Hadoop and the business imperative to derive more from data, Cascading provides a practical and useful abstraction for enterprises to leverage existing skill sets and easily integrate Hadoop with existing data management and analytics systems. Concurrent continues to deliver on its promise to make development and deployment of ETL, data processing and analytic applications on Hadoop easy.

“Enterprises continue to rely on Cascading as critical infrastructure to streamline and operationalize their Big Data strategy,” said Gary Nakamura, CEO of Concurrent. “With application development front and center in the world of Big Data, Cascading delivers a complete toolbox for enterprises to make the most of the business of data. We look forward to Cascading’s continued momentum in the market.”

Corporate, Project and Partnership Milestones
● Secured $4 million in Series A funding in March 2013, following a $900,000 seed investment in August 2011.

● Expanded leadership team with the appointments of Gary Nakamura as CEO, and Paul O’Leary as vice president of engineering.

● Launched Cascading 2.1, the most widely used and deployed application framework for building robust, enterprise Big Data applications on Hadoop.

● Launched Cascading Lingual, a free open source project that delivers ANSI-SQL technology to easily build new and integrate existing applications onto Hadoop.

● Launched Cascading Pattern, a free, open source, standard-based scoring engine that enables analysts and data scientists to quickly deploy machine-learning applications via PMML or an API.

● User downloads of Cascading have surpassed more than 90,000 per month.

● Addition of strategic partnerships with technology leaders Hortonworks and MapR.