The Apache Drill Project announced the release of Apache DrillTM v1.19, the schema-free Big Data SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop, NoSQL, and Cloud storage.

“Drill 1.19 is our biggest release ever,” said Charles Givre, the Vice President of Apache Drill. “With an already short learning curve, Drill 1.19 makes it even easier for users to quickly query, analyze, and visualize data from disparate sources and complex data sets.”

The tool provides a schema-free JSON model, which enables it to query complex semi-structured data without requiring users to define schemas or transform data. It also provides integrations with Hive and HBase deployments and has access to multiple data sources such as S3 and Apache HDFS, HBase, and Hive.

Drill supports the ANSI SQL 2003 standard syntax ecosystem as well as dozens of NoSQL databases and file systems.

The new version includes new connectors for Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and Splunk, and a new format reader for XML without schemas.

It also includes an added Avro support for Kafka plugin, integrated password vault for secure credential storage, support for Linux ARM64 systems, and much more. 

Apache Drill software is released under the Apache License v2.0 and is overseen by a volunteer, self-selected team of active contributors to the project.

Additional details on all of its new features are available here.