Today, IBM released the Open Source Cloud Guide which highlights various use cases that are important in hybrid cloud environments and features the important open-source projects in those areas. 

The guide offers an overview of the concept or use case, an explanation of a traditional solution to achieve it, key open-source projects, and a highlight of how major cloud providers are using open source to address the use case.

“Because every major cloud platform uses open-source software in their infrastructure, developing skills related to open technology makes developers more desirable to potential employers and helps developers compete in hybrid environments; that is, those that provide the ability and flexibility of running parts or all of your cloud solution and services on premises and/or on a public cloud, and/or in multiple clouds,” Todd Moore, VP of open technology at IBM, and Christopher Ferris, IBM Fellow and IBM’s CTO of open technology wrote in a blog post. 

A recent O’Reilly survey that IBM commissioned in late 2020 found that the most desired of the open-source skills are around Linux (containers), artificial intelligence and machine learning, and data storage, each of which IBM now has guides for. 

The guide aims to answer questions on how these skills translate to developing for hybrid cloud environments inclusive of the major cloud providers.