Leading the way for businesses to get the most value out of Hadoop 2.0, Pentaho Corporation, delivering the future of analytics, today announced the native integration of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) with Storm and YARN. A development led by Pentaho Labs, this integration enables developers to process big data analytics in real time, so businesses can make critical decisions based on time-sensitive data.

The YARN-based architecture of Hadoop provides a more general processing platform that is not constrained to MapReduce. By building on the advancement of platforms like HDP 2.0, Pentaho Labs is future-proofing big data investments through the incubation of new breakthrough technologies that allow developers to keep in lock step with business.

Analyzing data from real time processing has already started to make an impact on everyday life, by allowing companies to drive meaningful actions at the right time. Examples include triggering a relevant offer on a mobile device while shoppers are standing at a checkout line or monitoring sensor data like HVAC to maintain optimal building temperatures. By working with one of the most popular distributed streaming processing systems available today, Pentaho helps simplify the process that moves these insights to actions.

“As an M2M leader in the Internet of Everything, our wireless solutions require innovative technology to bring big data insights to business users, ” said Bryan Stone, Cloud Platform Lead, Synapse Wireless. “The powerful combination of Pentaho Data Integration, Storm and YARN will allow my team to immediately leverage real-time processing, without the delay of batch processing or the overhead of designing additional transformations. No doubt this advancement will have a big impact on the next generation of big data analytics.”

“YARN is enabling Hadoop to be used as a flexible multi-purpose data processing and analytics platform,” said Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Management and Analytics, 451 Research. “We are seeing growing interest in Hadoop not just as a platform for batch-based MapReduce but also rapid data ingestion and analysis, especially using Apache Storm. Native support of Storm and YARN from companies like Pentaho will encourage users to innovate and drive greater value from Hadoop.”

“Our customers are facing fast technology iterations from the relentless evolution of the big data ecosystem. With Pentaho’s Adaptive Big Data Layer and Big Data Analytical Platform our customers are “future proofed” from the rapid pace of evolution in the big data environment,” said Richard Daley, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Pentaho. “In 2014, we’re leading the way in big data analytics with Storm, YARN, Spark and predictive, and making it easy for customers to leverage these innovations.”

Learn more about the innovation of Pentaho Data Integration for Storm and YARN in Pentaho Labs http://www.pentaho.com/storm