Terracotta, Inc., the leader in in-memory technologies for enterprise Big Data, today unveiled the newest version of its flagship in-memory data platform, BigMemory. With BigMemory version 4.0, enterprises can move up to hundreds of terabytes of high-value data from slow disk drives to machine memory for blazingly fast, predictable access. BigMemory 4.0 also delivers enterprise-grade levels of reliability and flexibility that were formerly available only in traditional, disk-based data management systems.

The Terracotta BigMemory 4.0 in-memory data management platform achieves up to 60% faster data access at terabyte scale and beyond. New, more powerful features in BigMemory 4.0 include sophisticated monitoring and management of in-memory data, high availability and very fast restart for disaster recovery. BigMemory 4.0 also adds a free production version of BigMemory Max for distributed in-memory data management, as well as compatibility with Hadoop, allowing enterprises to glean and share Big Data insights at in-memory speed.

“The amount of data generated in minutes each day in 2013 equals the entire amount of data generated between the dawn of civilization up until 2003,” said Robin Gilthorpe, Chief Executive Officer of Terracotta, Inc. “The expanding volumes of different types of data from mobile, cloud, social, sensors and devices are creating incredible complexity for businesses. The BigMemory 4.0 platform was designed to simplify access to, and management of, a company’s most important data in real-time.”

Available today as a stand-alone solution, BigMemory 4.0 will also power In-Genius, Terracotta’s upcoming native in-memory platform for intelligent action on Big Data. In-Genius will deliver real-time insights from any source of dynamic data to any delivery channel, including web, mobile and point-of-sale, for immediate action. BigMemory 4.0 will also be the in-memory data platform for webMethods 9.0 from Software AG, introduced today at the CeBIT conference.

Terracotta customer bwin.party digital entertainment, the world’s largest listed online gaming company, plans to standardize on BigMemory 4.0 as its de facto in-memory data management platform. bwin.party will use Terracotta’s in-memory technology for their online poker and casino offerings, which together constitute the majority of the company’s online gaming revenues. Terracotta’s in-memory technology will also be the chosen platform for bwin.party’s exciting initiatives around customer loyalty, point/achievement tracking and related social offerings.

BigMemory 4.0 Product Features:
• Hadoop Ready: Easy integration allows for fast movement of in-memory data and insights between BigMemory and Hadoop for real-time enterprise intelligence.
• Bigger, faster: BigMemory 4.0 achieves up to 60% faster data access, meaning it can scale to even larger data sets than before.
• Fast Restartable Store: Reloading in-memory data after maintenance or outages is now up to 10x faster.
• Free production version is available for download at terracotta.org, in addition to a free 30-day trial of the BigMemory 4.0 full version.
• Terracotta Management Console: Customizable Web dashboard delivers advanced control and measurement of distributed in-memory cores. 
• Other improvements: Search of in-memory data sets is now faster and Java 7 is supported.