Tokutek, delivering database performance at scale, today announced TokuMX, which upgrades the storage engine component of MongoDB to dramatically increase performance and database compression.  TokuMX enhances large databases (typically 50 GBs or larger) by speeding indexing by 10x or more, thereby radically improving database scalability.
Meeting the needs of 21st-Century Big Data, TokuMX replaces 40-year-old B-tree indexing technology with Tokutek’s patented Fractal Tree Indexing to vastly improve how MongoDB organizes and stores information. Because of its exceptional indexing performance, TokuMX is ideal for applications that must simultaneously query and update large volumes of rapidly arriving data (e.g., clickstream analytics). Key Benefits of TokuMX for MongoDB include:
▪ Performance: With a 268x query performance increase, a 532x multi-key index insertion, and a 10x or more improvement in insertions and indexing, TokuMX delivers faster performance in live production systems without rewriting or tuning applications. Offering high performance even when tables are too large for memory, TokuMX scales MongoDB far beyond its native capabilities.
▪ Compression: By leveraging write-optimized compression, TokuMX achieves up to a 90% reduction in HDD and flash storage requirements without impacting performance. It can dramatically reduce the number of servers needed to host a MongoDB database.
▪ Transactions: TokuMX adds transactions with MVCC and ACID reliability to any MongoDB application, making MongoDB suitable for a much wider range of applications.

“Swarm Insights collects extreme amounts of social data for analytics, and we are very impressed with TokuMX. It consumed resources efficiently and performed queries extremely fast, but what we loved most was the compatibility with our current system,” said Uriel Guerrero, CTO, Swarm Insights. “We didn’t need to update any piece of code!”
“Tokutek has already benchmarked its compression advantages for MongoDB and proven the concept of bringing multistatement transaction support to the NoSQL database,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data management and analytics, 451 Research. “In bringing its proprietary Fractal Tree Indexing technology to the most popular NoSQL database, Tokutek is out to prove that its technology has applicability beyond the MySQL database.

“We have been living with B-trees and the limitations they cause for over 40 years because there hasn’t been an alternative,” said John Partridge, CEO of Tokutek. “Finally, in the midst of the Big Data revolution, Tokutek’s patented Fractal Tree Indexing technology is bringing 21st-century technology to the most important foundational component of databases. Now users can enjoy unprecedented ingestion speed without having to make a multitude of sacrifices. ”
TokuMX for MongoDB is an ideal choice for complex high-volume applications that require fast response time and that must simultaneously store and query large volumes of rapidly arriving data. These include social networking applications, metadata management, cloud enablement platforms, machine data and logfile processing, and e-commerce personalization.