Binary Tree this week introduced the Application Transformation Framework (ATF), designed to improve the success of moving applications to Microsoft SharePoint. The ATF enables teams working on migration projects to control the transformation, including the analysis and migration of standard applications, the rationalization and transformation of complex applications, and the consolidation and retirement of the legacy application platform, according to the company.

“The market is littered with point solutions that each address a small part of the challenge of moving applications to SharePoint,” Tim Reiter, product manager for Application Transformation Strategy at Binary Tree, said in a statement announcing the framework.

“We asked our customers and partners what they really needed to be successful to transform applications to SharePoint and SharePoint Online from Lotus Notes and legacy versions of SharePoint. The common refrain was for a centrally controlled and integrated suite of software solutions that map to each phase of the transformation.”
The ATF provides a management dashboard for control of analysis, migration and consolidation software that shares components, rules, services and a SQL repository, the company said. It also includes Domino Consolidator—now renamed to CMT for Domains—for migrating off Lotus Notes application servers.

In conjunction with the release, Binary Tree updated its CMT Inspector and CMT for SharePoint tools. CMT Inspector 4.0, formerly a Lotus Notes client application, is now Windows-based for orchestrating inspection and aiding in decision-making when moving applications to the Microsoft platform. This update features reporting for application inspection, analysis and mail inspections.

CMT for SharePoint, now at version 2.6, adds support for migrating Notes application document links and metadata to the new Document Sets feature in SharePoint 2010, the company announced. It also gives the ability to transform Notes HTML records to standard HTML or Word documents in SharePoint.