Today at the supercomputing conference SC 2015, Bitfusion, a developer of advanced optimization technologies for high-performance, compute-intensive applications, announced the launch of Bitfusion Cloud Adaptor, a service that can be introduced to any developers’ local environment to access FPGA and GPU hardware in the cloud without costly or time-consuming integration.

Bitfusion Cloud Adaptor is a completely new way of accessing hardware accelerators in the cloud directly from personal computers. Developing for FPGAs and even GPUs is difficult and can be expensive. Rather than paying for costly by-the-hour access to FPGA and GPU accelerated hardware and deploying prototype applications to the cloud, developers can now request FPGA and GPU cloud accelerators on-demand.

“We are doing for the developer’s laptop what Amazon has done for cloud servers with AWS Lamda,” said Subbu Rama, co-founder and CEO of Bitfusion. “Adaptor offers a dramatic increase in access to high-performance computing at scale, not to mention productivity improvements and cost benefits that come with being able to access supercomputing clouds on an as-needed basis.”

Adaptor is the newest product to emerge from Bitfusion Labs, the company’s collaborative proving ground for new research and development efforts. It’s available starting today as a free alpha.

Until now, anyone prototyping applications for cloud-based hardware accelerators either built their applications in the cloud or migrated their builds to cloud-based machine instances. In launching Adaptor, Bitfusion now enables developers to build applications for cloud-based FPGA and GPU hardware entirely on their personal computers, using their existing workflows. Bitfusion Cloud Adaptor brings a whole heterogenous data center with exotic FPGAs and GPUs to a developer’s personal computer.

“Prohibitive pricing and delivery models are hindering innovation. Developers shouldn’t be paying for idle time when there’s better, cost-saving technology available to solve the problem,” said Bitfusion co-founder and COO Maciej Bajkowski. “With Adaptor, we are giving new meaning to what ‘bursting’ to a high-performance hardware cloud means.”

Bitfusion Cloud Adaptor is free and available in public alpha as of today. Anyone can get started at

The Bitfusion team is presenting Adaptor this week at Supercomputing 2015 in Austin, TX. Attendees of Supercomputing 2015 can see demos of Bitfusion’s latest breakthroughs at Booth #2708 in the main exhibitor space.

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