Black Duck today announced it has broadened its audit services with the Black Duck Code Quality Audit (CQA), which quickly delivers a comprehensive code quality report for internal audits and merger and acquisition (M&A) due diligence. The analysis evaluates key software quality criteria including code reliability, efficiency, and maintainability to help companies manage operational risk and reduce support costs. By utilizing a trusted third-party, companies can ensure the IP assets of a prospective acquisition remain confidential.

Developed with the input of Black Duck customers, including some of the largest and most active acquirers, this report is designed to help corporate and business development managers compare their code against industry best standards for coding. The Black Duck CQA uses static analysis, comparative analysis and inspection of development processes in order to create an overall assessment of code base quality. To address the urgency and risk typical of situations that call for a code quality audit, the Black Duck CQA quickly determines if the code analyzed:
• Is structured to enable efficient, ongoing development
• Is complex and might drive up maintenance costs
• Is well-documented
• Follows industry best practices regarding the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

“When we look at an M&A opportunity, this type of analysis is crucial to our due diligence efforts,” said Todd Richmond VP Enterprise Architecture, Sabre Holdings. “We’re pleased that Black Duck, a trusted vendor, is adding this comprehensive analysis to their repertoire of audit services.”

Typically a one-week or less process, Black Duck CQA brings speed, expertise, and industry-leading tools to more comprehensively address clients’ due diligence needs, and uses a range of tools for the analysis. When combined with the Black Duck Open Source Audit, customers receive the industry’s most comprehensive view into their own or a target organization’s code assets.

“With hundreds of customers and experience in M&A deals valued at over $70 billion, Black Duck is the trusted partner for software IP assessments,” said Tim Yeaton, President and CEO, Black Duck. “As acquisitions grow in importance as part of many companies’ corporate development strategies, there is increased demand for better and more comprehensive vetting of software assets and we’re excited to meet that need with the CQA service.”

The Black Duck CQA report includes a detailed, easy-to-interpret breakdown including a development process analysis and assessment of the quality of technical documentation and comments, code complexity, and comparisons benchmarked on known code bases.

“Black Duck’s Code Quality Audit has provided us with key metrics around our code base, ranging from information on code structure, its documentation, scalability and level of maintainability,” said John Collins, President & CEO, Nolij Corp. “The descriptive audit was completed with speed and expertise, two qualities we can always expect from Black Duck.”

The Black Duck CQA is available now. For more information please visit: