Black Duck Software, a leading global provider of products and services for accelerating software development through the managed use of free and open source software (FOSS), today announced that its Code Sight source code search engine is now integrated with the Mercurial and Bazaar SCM systems, simplifying code search indexing for Mercurial and Bazaar users.
Mercurial and Bazaar are open source version control systems designed for source control management by distributed and co-located software development teams.  Code Sight is also integrated with Git, Subversion and CVS. View a video demo of Code Sight v1.3 by visiting
“Most companies use more than one version control system,” said Jim Berets, Black Duck Vice President, Product Management.  “Supporting Mercurial and Bazaar gives our Code Sight customers greater flexibility and simplifies the process for searching, indexing and capturing code across a broader collection of SCM solutions.”
The release of Code Sight v1.3 also includes the introduction of F# for indexing and search. These latest Code Sight enhancements build on the availability of the code search plug-in for Visual Studio announced earlier this year.     
The Black Duck Code Sight source code search engine brings easy access and transparency to an enterprise’s vast and often distributed source code resources. With the use of Code Sight, development organizations can more easily standardize and promote the use of approved and tested code to reduce or eliminate development effort on new projects and decrease the amount of code an organization needs to maintain.
For more information on the Black Duck Suite, which automates the management, governance and secure use of open source software at enterprise scale, see