Black Duck Software, the leader in open source software knowledge, adoption and governance, today announced  the release of Export 6.0, a component of the Black Duck Suite.  The Suite is a comprehensive, automated code management platform which enables the enterprise-scale use and management of open source software (OSS) in software development.

An enhancement to Black Duck Suite 6, Export 6.0 includes expanded functionality using Rapid ID, Black Duck’s code identification technology, as well as an enhanced Encryption Bill of Materials.

With Rapid ID, Export 6.0 enables developers and export managers to “teach” code IDs to the Suite, speeding the encryption analysis process to discover undetected encryption algorithms. More than 20,000 open source projects include encryption algorithms strong enough to require filing with the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) if the code is exported from the United States. Rapid ID speeds the analysis process by allowing companies to automatically recognize and identify files with encryption algorithms.

The enhanced Encryption Bill of Materials (BOM) improves tracking of a customer’s export data. The BOM includes newly-added customer-defined fields for tracking custom data and audit trail capability to enable customers to track comments and other events, including identification, reset, declarations, exclusions and results.

“Using the new Rapid ID capabilities within Black Duck Export will reduce time spent discovering and identifying encryption within our software,” said Lisa McKinley, Export Compliance Manager, Sonus Networks, a leader in IP networking with proven expertise in delivering secure and reliable next generation infrastructure and subscriber solutions. “By allowing Sonus to ‘teach’ encryption identification, which can then be used throughout all of Sonus, we’ll manage our export/import compliance requirements more efficiently.”

Sonus has benefitted from the use of Export to enable it to compete in the worldwide mobile market while ensuring compliance with the export/import regulations of various countries.

“Open source encourages and simplifies software reuse, which saves development cycles and speeds time-to-solution,” said Bill McQuaide, Executive Vice President of Products and Strategy, Black Duck Software. “However, companies may be unaware of encryption technology in their software products, especially in third-party and OSS code. Black Duck Export 6.0 provides powerful new tools to detect encryption algorithms, enabling companies to easily and quickly comply with software export regulations.”

Export 6.0 is available today.

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