StackEngine has announced a new end-to-end container application-management solution. The Container Application Center for Docker is designed to help enterprises transition from the costs and inefficiencies of virtualization to containerization, according to the company. It features VMware-like control and security; Docker-enabled freedom, flow and collaboration; and container-native enterprise heterogeneity and security.

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“Ten years ago, enterprise companies were led on a journey from physical, bare-metal servers to virtual machines,” said Bob Quillin, CEO and cofounder of StackEngine. “Along the way, they were given all the tools necessary to manage the full operational life cycle. Now with containers, these same organizations are moving back to bare-metal servers and need similar enterprise-grade tools to help them compose, deploy and automate container-native applications with the same level of control and security they had with their trusted virtualization management tools.”

Black Duck releases free vulnerability plug-in for Jenkins
Black Duck is releasing a free plug-in to help developers identify known open-source security vulnerabilities.

“Black Duck offers developers and build engineers immediate visibility into vulnerabilities found in their open-source software,” said Bill Ledingham, CTO and EVP of engineering at Black Duck. “With this powerful data, teams can now focus on remediating their open-source code before deploying to production.”


The plug-in will extract dependency data, automate the discovery of open-source software, detect bugs, and generate a PDF report that’s easy to share among development teams and security teams.