BlazeMeter, the leader in open-source-based continuous performance testing, today announced a new integration with AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence company, to help developers address issues that impact application performance with accuracy and consistency.

Users of the integrated products can now incorporate critical metrics from AppDynamics into their BlazeMeter test scenarios to identify problem areas faster. The end result is a rapid resolution of key issues and a smarter approach to improving application performance.

“The integration between BlazeMeter and AppDynamics provides a 360-degree view of performance-related issues of software applications, helping identify bottlenecks seamlessly and consistently so issues can be quickly resolved,” said Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder, BlazeMeter. “Performance testing is essential to higher application quality and continuous software delivery.”

The solution works by adding AppDynamics’ monitoring profiles to BlazeMeter test scenarios. Developers can identify various metric groups associated with their applications, such as mobile, end user experience, or business transactions. Developers are then able to select specific metrics, such as average response time, calls per minute, and errors per minute. By integrating these metrics with BlazeMeter’s timeline graphs, APM data can be plotted on the same graph as the test data, alongside metrics such as concurrent users, throughput, and latency. This allows developers to ultimately discover where and when things break down, so they can quickly fix issues before they impact end users, thereby mitigating business risk.

“The integration with BlazeMeter enables developers to test varying load scenarios and quickly locate important application performance issues before the application goes into production,” said Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide alliances and business development at AppDynamics. “Our data identifies the conditions inside the application environment, combined with BlazeMeter’s performance results in a unified dashboard. This gives developers a real time view, under varying volume and traffic scenarios, into how well their application will perform, operate, and deliver successful business outcomes.”

For more information on the BlazeMeter-AppDynamics integration, visit the BlazeMeter blog.