Out of all the aspects of software development that have changed, testing has changed the most, according to Alon Girmonsky, founder and CEO of BlazeMeter. In today’s world, testers have to try to maintain the pace of software delivery and constantly test throughout the life cycle. To help ease the pain, BlazeMeter is releasing a Continuous-Testing-as-a-Service platform.

“We are helping the industry address a critical and very painful requirement of testing,” said Girmonsky. “The platform that we are announcing makes it easy for any IT professional to integrate testing as part of their Continuous Delivery process.”

BlazeMeter’s Continuous-Testing-as-a-Service platform gives developers the ability to run an unlimited number of tests in parallel with one another, reducing the time it takes to test from days to hours while still maintaining the quality of the software, according to Girmonsky.

“Today, either the time to release software is delayed or the quality is compromised because you need to run more tests, or you pick and choose the number of tests to accommodate the release time,” he said. “BlazeMeter’s platform gives you a predictable time to release because if the number of tests grow, the release time isn’t delayed. The tests run in parallel, and you don’t compromise quality because you don’t need to pick and choose the test you need to run.”

While other companies have built their own testing infrastructure into their development process, Girmonsky said this isn’t ideal.

“A lot of resources are being invested in building a testing infrastructure, but you lose weeks or sometimes months building and maintaining them, and then developers lose time investing in them on a day-to-day basis,” he said.

More information is available here.