BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC), the recognized leader in Business Service Management (BSM), today announced the availability of the industry’s first non-intrusive, real-time, real-user application performance management-as-a-service (APMaaS) solution for cloud applications, BMC End User Experience Management OnDemand. The solution measures and monitors individual user performance, errors and availability of web applications and provides a more accurate and actionable approach to service-level assurance for the cloud.
With increased demands for media-rich applications online, businesses are increasingly leveraging cloud applications to deliver rapid solutions. Because performance experienced by the customer is so critical to the success of these cloud applications, businesses need real-time visibility into the real user performance of these applications. Plus, this has to be maintained without limiting the ability of IT to leverage different cloud platforms and acceleration solutions to ensure optimal performance for the customer. As a result, IT must maintain visibility regardless of how the cloud application is delivered. Furthermore, when there is a performance challenge with one of these cloud applications, businesses need root cause information in order to figure out if there is an issue with the page or application design or if the application needs to be accelerated to remain competitive.
Through BMC’s partnership with Akamai, the BMC End User Experience Management OnDemand solution provides native support for the Akamai Intelligent Platform, giving enterprises performance management visibility and detailed service level metrics for applications accelerated by the Akamai Intelligent Platform.
“We see BMC’s End User Experience Management OnDemand as a key solution in enabling cloud adoption,” said Willie Tejada, senior vice president and general manager of the enterprise cloud division, Akamai.  “We believe that BMC’s unique real-user on-demand approach to end-user management offers a very robust and complete application performance management-as-a-service solution.”
According to Will Cappelli, research vice president at Gartner, “Growing acceptance of the public cloud has intensified the demand for application performance monitoring-as-a-service (APMaaS) as well as the ability to monitor application stacks that include cloud components. These demands are driving highly scalable multitenant platforms for APM functionality, lightweight technologies for deep-dive components and real end-user experience monitoring.”
“BMC is clearly demonstrating its commitment to deliver a comprehensive APMaaS solution today with the intent to continue to expand our offerings in the near future. We are establishing a new standard for SLA management based on accurate, actionable, ‘real-time, real-user’ data,” said Ali Hedayati, vice president and general manager, application management, BMC.  “Enterprise customers with business-critical applications can look forward to increasing productivity and decreasing system slowdowns or down times, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.”
The offering is in limited availability today with general availability expected in the second half of 2012.