Bonitasoft, the fastest-growing provider of business process management (BPM) solutions, today introduced Bonita BPM 7, an end-to-end, BPM-based application platform that enables developers to create highly engaging, powerful, personalized, process-based applications that can be adapted to business changes in real time. After nine months of development, the open source version of the platform is available for download today.

The release of Bonita BPM 7 – Bonitasoft’s biggest platform upgrade in more than two years – represents a strategic evolution for the company and a major innovation in the BPM space.

“We’ve embarked on a new mission to create solutions that empower developers to build applications that support continuous change,” Bonitasoft CEO and co-founder Miguel Valdes Faura said. “To win in today’s competitive climate, you need to be able to adapt to change quickly and continually improve your business processes and the applications that support them. Bonita BPM 7 is the first solution leveraging the power of open source and BPM process-based applications that meets the demands of today’s business requirements.”

Bonitasoft’s innovative approach of decoupling of business logic, data and user interfaces is what allows this adaptability and ability to change in real time. Maintenance and updates to user interfaces can be done independently from business workflow updates, and without taking the application offline.

For state-of-the-art user interface design, Bonita BPM 7 offers a new graphical web-based, drag-and-drop UI Designer to create personalized user interfaces. This designer is extensible, allowing developers to create their own widgets easily, and it offers efficient data binding, powerful preview and responsive design across mobile and desktop devices. Application designers can go far beyond generic portals to create highly customized web portals, pages and forms.

Key benefits of Bonita BPM 7 include the following:

  • Speed – Developers can build applications faster, improving developer productivity
  • Freedom – Developers can easily build what business really wants, and companies can maintain their applications easier and more affordably with live updates
  • Adoption – Development teams can empower their users with more accessible, engaging and usable applications, boosting competitive advantage

“Bonita BPM 7 represents a real convergence between the world of the ‘BPM app’ and traditional enterprise software,” Valdes Faura said. “It gives developers the freedom to easily code and extend the system whenever they hit the limit with its native features. Plus, the platform is built for change, so developers and business users can apply changes, updates and improvements over time – creating what we call ‘living applications’ that live and breathe and grow along with your business.”

Bonita BPM was tested in its beta phase by Bonitasoft community members, customers, and partners. Vara Prasad Rayapudi, a developer at Evoke Technologies, said: “The UI Designer tool is just awesome to create webpages, and the extensible REST API framework looks great to create custom rest API’s.” Mohamed El Kafi, of Teamlog, added: “It’s possible to do modeling and create business pages without being a HMI specialist. I like this version. It really meets our expectations and needs of our customers.”

Bonitasoft’s consulting & BPM expert team also tested the beta version of this release. “With Bonita BPM 7 I can build a rich user interface that matches end user expectations, with the same level as popular websites,” said Philippe Ozil, technical evangelist at Bonitasoft.

Bonita BPM 7 is built on the most widely used open source BPM solution in the marketplace, giving developers the ability to create powerful processes using the BPMN 2.0 standard. It can already connect to nearly any third-party system such as CRM and ERP systems. Bonita BPM 7 adds several more extensible frameworks, in addition to the existing connector builder, so developers can now also freely code their own graphical components and REST APIs.