Inc., a leading provider of Windows application development training and consulting, has changed its company name to Breakpoints Live Corporation (“Breakpoints”). The re-organization comes from increasing demand from customers for Windows application development consulting services and in-depth training, in addition to the industry’s first Web-based environment for debugging Windows application code and production applications.

“DebugLive remains our flagship product, but the interest from customers for expanded training and consulting services could not be ignored,” said Donis Marshall, President of Breakpoints. “Breakpoints is the first company to build an online debugging community where software engineers blog, read, and communicate with others like them. In addition to our expanded online presence, we now offer a broader set of offerings to engage, collaborate with, and instruct software professionals interested in Windows application debugging, maintenance and testing.”

Breakpoints is headquartered in San Rafael, California. Since the company’s launch in early 2010, its customer base has expanded and the company has broadened its training and service offerings. Breakpoints was founded by Donis Marshall, a nationally recognized expert developer, consultant, and one of the few trainers endorsed by Microsoft Global Learning Services to teach at various Microsoft corporate locations around the world. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, Oleg Starodumov, is also a well-known expert developer, consultant, and owner of a popular website on debugging.

DebugLive is the industry’s first Web-based platform for debugging and testing Windows application code and otherwise maintaining applications. Its built-in collaboration and remoting features “virtualize” a debugging environment, in which multiple professionals can work together at the same time to solve analyze and debug applications, and can even host several debugging sessions on different computers simultaneously. DebugLive is available both as a SaaS (software as a service) and a PaaS (platform as a service) solution.