LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2014 — LG Electronics’ next-generation Smart TVs, powered by the webOS platform, will be able to connect and interact with leading Android and iOS apps, enhancing the second-screen television experience, LG Electronics USA announced today.
The apps, which are being demonstrated with the new LG Smart TVs here this week at the 2014 International CES®, include: 
zeebox (linear TV discovery and social TV)
Yidio (over-the-top content discovery and launch)
Imgur (viral image posting)
TalkLittle’s “reddit is fun” (a popular reddit app)
Stevie (social media-based personal TV channel creation)
Neura’s ACTV (personal health and fitness management)
BuddyTV (OTT content and TV listing)
Each mobile app will demonstrate how, by simply being on the same home network as an LG Smart TV, users will enable a unique multi-device, connected experience. In the case of “reddit is fun” mobile app, users will be able to find a viral video and with one click, watch it on an LG Smart TV. The ACTV mobile app will launch a corresponding application on the LG Smart TV and connect a user’s fitness band to the TV for a real-time, social and active experience. With Yidio, users will be able to access a personalized streaming guide across multiple content sources and effortlessly launch selected content on the TV.
“By optimizing the powerful yet simple webOS platform for Smart TV, LG has enabled a new level of interaction between TVs and mobile applications,” said Anthony Rose, CTO and co-founder of zeebox. “The combination of seamless pairing, TV control beyond mere channel changing, and on-screen content identification and synchronization will result in a more connected, contextual and social experience. We’re excited at the prospect of developing even more new user experiences with this new platform.”
“With more than 40 percent of U.S. consumers regularly watching TV with a mobile device in their hand, this new feature from LG will make it easy for them to control the TV experience from the devices they love,” said Colin Dixon, chief analyst and founder of nScreenMedia. “Tablets and smartphones are natural places to interact and discover. Seamless pairing with the TV extends that ability to the biggest screen in the house.”
Samuel Chang, LG Electronics USA senior vice president and head of LG Silicon Valley Lab, sees seamless multi-device connectivity as a big opportunity. “We’re breaking down barriers to allow all of our customers’ existing apps and devices to work together harmoniously. The screen size, capabilities and social nature of Smart TVs enable experiences that our consumers will absolutely enjoy.”
LG’s 2014 Smart TVs, which will be available in the United States this spring, are the first products to be powered by the webOS platform after its acquisition by LG.