The development team at Inedo recently released BuildMaster 4.0. This release updates both BuildMaster’s functionality, as well as the design and utility of the UI.
BuildMaster is Inedo’s automated deployment platform with a wide array of features that handle continuous integration, issue tracking, workflow management and any number of challenges that confront a modern DevOps software shop.

BuildMaster 4.0’s most notable change is the UI. The update offers both a new and modern look paired with a more tested and intuitive navigation. The release has more weight than a simple face lift however presenting a variety of new features such as:
• New systems for quick installing and updating of Extensions
• Increase stability and performance in their .NET 4.0 platform
• Updates to the Execution Engine to allow for parallel server preparation and live logging
• A new installer which allows supports silent installation.
• The ability to clone existing applications
• Importing and exporting of deployment plans for plan back-up, and migration
• Added workflow control to support temporary or singular
• Users can now to re-order releases, for complex release configurations.

Alex Papadimoulis, CEO of Inedo, is very enthusiastic about the update, “4.0 is a huge step for us. We made a BuildMaster that works better, behaves better, and looks better. We couldn’t be prouder of our product.”

This is the short list of the most prominent changes, the full list can be found on Indeo’s release notes page.

Inedo was founded in 2003 to provide consulting and professional services within the software community. During this period they came to see a need for web based agile release automation suite. In 2008 they began work on BuildMaster, and today they offer not only BuildMaster, but several other pieces of software that are both widely used and widely trusted. Learn more about BuildMaster at, and by following @inedo on Twitter.