Built.io—a technology provider with digital solutions that enable organizations to quickly create, connect and scale applications across mobile, web and IoT—today announced Built.io Flow On-Prem, a new deployment option and architecture for its award-winning integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Built.io Flow.

By default, Built.io Flow operates 100 percent in the cloud – nothing to install locally, nothing to maintain. For hybrid integration architectures, an Enterprise Gateway allows to securely connect cloud-based systems to on-premises systems. With the new Built.io Flow On-Prem, customers now have the additional option of a 100 percent on-premises architecture.

“Organizations in certain industries – such as finance, healthcare, telecom or government – need to meet extensive regulatory and security mandates,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. “Meanwhile, certain geographies – such as the EU – impose strict rules about how and where data is stored and accessed. Offering hybrid and on-premises integration options is valuable, because it provides the flexibility to choose the architecture that is most suited for the use case and context.”

“With Built.io Flow On-Prem, customers retain the efficiency benefits of a cloud-based architecture and can scale up and down in a very fine-grained fashion,” said Nishant Patel, CTO at Built.io. “In addition, any global environment settings, e.g. impacting performance or security characteristics, can be changed at will.”

In order to operate and manage Built.io Flow On-Prem, Built.io offers complementary DevOps services to scale and continuously optimize the environment, effectively delivering the convenience of a fully-managed integration stack within the security perimeter of a private cloud or customer datacenter.

The Built.io Flow On-Prem product and services offerings will become generally available in Q1 2017. Learn more at www.built.io/flow.