CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the latest release of CA Identity Suite, its leading identity and access governance solution. Announced during the KuppingerCole European Identity and Cloud Conference, CA Identity Suite adds real-time analytics to strengthen operational efficiencies. It also provides new personalization and mobility capabilities plus pre-configured deployment scenarios that simplify the business user experience and drive faster implementation and time-to-value.

“The identity and access governance functions that are critical to the security and business operations of an organization are no longer the responsibility of a central IT group; that job is now in the hands of business users who need a streamlined and simple way to process identity-related tasks and workflows,” said Mordecai Rosen, general manager, CA Technologies, Security business. “CA is committed to providing the most robust, scalable and easy-to-use identity and access governance system for our customers and partners, while helping to ensure security, compliance and operational needs are met.”

By adding analytics into CA Identity Suite, customers have real-time insight into how core processes are operating within the identity management workflow. A deep visualization of each process and its status helps the managers responsible for access certifications identify and drill down to the root cause of any bottlenecks for quick remediation. This not only improves efficiency and productivity, it also reduces risk of breach by helping to ensure that access is removed quickly when user roles change or a user status is modified.

In addition to improving operations, CA Identity Suite improves the productivity and user experience of those individuals responsible for access certification. With new personalization options, users control how information is displayed and they have the option to take the workload offline for convenient review and decision-making. Comprehensive mobile support allows users to do everything they can do at their desk on their mobile device, including make access requests and manage the user lifecycle.

CA Identity Suite also has pre-configured the most common identity and access governance business user scenarios. The out-of-the-box configurations give customers a jump-start to help speed deployment, whether it’s contractor lifecycle management (onboarding, termination), employee lifecycle management (modification, user type conversion) or user self-service. Instead of re-creating those common scenarios, customers simply do minor customization to the pre-packaged scenarios to meet their own unique needs. What can take weeks to configure in some situations with other solutions, can be done in just a few days with CA Identity Suite.

“Simeio Solutions and CA Technologies have been partners for more than eight years, putting the breadth of CA’s robust and highly scalable identity and access management technology into many organizations to address their security, compliance and identity operations needs,” said Shawn Keve, executive vice president, Simeio Solutions. “This new release of CA Identity Suite helps make identity processes even more user friendly for the business user by providing a customized interface and expanded mobility options.”