CA Technologies today announced new additions to CA’s DevOps portfolio that span development to production including all supporting technologies – from clouds to devices, and everything in between—to improve the user experience across dynamically changing applications, infrastructure and networks.

New releases of CA’s core app and infrastructure monitoring products speed iterations of high quality applications and improve customer experiences. CA Application Performance Management (CA APM), CA Performance Management and CA Virtual Network Assurance enhancements and new integrations drive better collaboration among DevOps teams to increase software release velocity.

“CA gives companies the power to deliver live, fully integrated, always-on software services,” said Ali Siddiqui, general manager, Agile Operations, CA Technologies. “To support more than static line-of business processes and applications, CA gives IT operations the end-to-end visibility and automation required to match the speed of innovation for multi-cloud applications and services.”

Real-Time Insights, Automated Workflows and Cloud Connectors for Experience Intelligence and Modern Application Management
New and enhanced analytics in CA APM, alongside a redesigned interface, improve monitoring of user experiences across cloud, mobile and on-premises applications. CA APM quickly learns and adapts to predictively guide novice users to a suggested diagnosis of application issues—slashing the time and expertise needed.

Additionally, for organizations looking to deliver a reliable customer experience across multiple digital channels, CA APM integration with recently-launched CA App Experience Analytics offers comprehensive insight into user experience, app performance details and the overall health of web, mobile and wearable applications. As a result, any potential performance issue is automatically, quickly and easily remedied.

“To deliver a smooth, well-designed and reliable experience, we need to know exactly how our systems are performing at any given point and what the impact of any problem is on the individual customer,” said Kevin Kay, head of service assurance and operations, Absa Bank. “With CA’s APM and infrastructure management solutions we can quickly understand which system component is responsible for a less-than-perfect customer experience, what its impact is on customers, and how to address it. Also by understanding customer behavior across all of our digital channels, we are able to constantly refine the interface design and enhance the customer experience.”

As companies look to integrate their on-premises applications with cloud services, CA APM cloud connectors give DevOps teams the flexibility to use modern technologies. Extensions for Docker, Nginx and RabbitMQ are conveniently downloadable from the CA APM Marketplace. CA APM is also available as a usage-based license in the AWS Marketplace for application performance monitoring to scale up or down based on demand and short-duration projects.

Connecting Continuous Testing to Application Performance Addresses Issues Early
For faster releases, CA also announced that CA BlazeMeter®, the leading open source-based continuous application performance testing solution, adds integration with CA APM. By combining CA BlazeMeter with CA APM, developers can simulate a user’s experience correlated to the application performance details and identify potential performance issues before the customer experience is impacted.

Ensuring Traditional, Hybrid Cloud and Software-Defined Data Center Architectures Work in Harmony
With CA Virtual Network Assurance enhanced by CA Performance Management, CA offers the deepest and broadest support for software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud architectures, such as Cisco ACI, Juniper Networks Contrail, OpenContrail, Nokia Nuage, OpenDaylight, OpenStack and VMware NSX. Together, they provide the most comprehensive network and analytics platform for high scalability at low cost with easy insight into modern network performance and business service integrity.

“As enterprises transform their networks to support digital initiatives, they need monitoring tools that can fully support SDN and existing environments without adding operational complexity,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. “With CA Performance Management and CA Virtual Network Assurance, CA offers a comprehensive and highly scalable solution that allows network operations to monitor and troubleshoot the complex networks that underpin the hybrid cloud and software defined data center architectures.”

Additional CA DevOps solutions for continuous delivery and continuous integration of software across the application lifecycle will also be on display at CA World. These solutions gives companies the ability to sense, react and adapt to market shifts and operational needs, resulting in the agility advantage that a strong DevOps practice provides.