CAST, the leader in software analysis and measurement, announced today the release of its most advanced software analysis and measurement solution to date, the CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP) v7.0.  The new capabilities of CAST AIP make it easier than before to detect, measure, and take swift action to minimize IT software costs and risks.

“In our continuous quest to help customers measure and proactively manage the structural quality of their applications, we have added several new significant features and capabilities that make the CAST AIP easier to configure, implement, and use,” said Olivier Bonsignour, VP of Product Development at CAST.  “The version seven’s new capabilities give users greater analysis and measurement power, greater visibility, and greater control.”

Key new capabilities of CAST AIP v7.0 include:

•    Greater Measurement Power
⎯    Completely re-engineered J2EE, Mainframe, and PL/SQL analyzers for increased analysis and measurement power  
⎯    Improved SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel ERP package analyzers based on data from field studies
⎯    Over 50 new software engineering best practices added to the AIP’s knowledge base

•    Greater Visibility
⎯    Fully graphical Architecture Checker for full visibility and control over architectural rules and design principles created by system architects
⎯    Comprehensive, all-in-one-pane Investigation View saves users from clicking through many screens to get all relevant information on a problem
⎯    A Transaction-Wide Risk Index (TwRI) groups the impact of critical violations by transaction for smart prioritization and action

•    Greater Control
⎯    A new version of the CAST Management Studio with intelligent auto-discovery for faster configuration, easier administration, and automated report generation
⎯    Seamless Active Directory LDAP/Kerberos integration for rapid plug and play implementation
⎯    Automated Action Plans to accelerate the quality improvement process
⎯    The CAST Storage Service — a built-in quality data repository engineered for high performance and low operating cost  

The new capabilities in CAST AIP v7.0 are currently available.  For more information, visit  

About CAST Application Intelligence Platform
The CAST Application Intelligence Platform is the only enterprise-grade software quality assessment and performance measurement solution available in the market today.  The CAST solution inspects the source code, identifies and tracks quality issues, and provides the data to monitor development performance.  

CAST can read, analyze and semantically understand most kinds of source code, including scripting and interface languages, 3GLs, 4GLs, web and mainframe technologies, across all layers of an application (UI, logic and data).  By analyzing all tiers of a complex application, CAST measures quality and adherence to architectural and coding standards, while providing visual specification models.  Managers get real time access to this information via a web interface by which they can proactively monitor, measure and improve application health and development team performance.

CAST is available for all the major programming languages, databases and integration middleware used for enterprise application development.