The biicode open-source dependency manager for C and C++ has announced it will become an open-source project. The dependency manager, consisting of a client installed in the user’s machine and a cloud populated with C and C++ libraries and frameworks, has released its source code as part of a programmatic open-source roadmap.

“One of the biggest aims of biicode’s founders was to provide a useful and modern tool for the C and C++ communities,” the biicode blog post states. “Because some of us believe that, despite the wonderful adoption and usage numbers of both programming languages, the current programming environment is not the best to address the challenges the software industry needs. We are trying to improve this landscape by providing a multi-language, cross-platform dependency manager that incorporates CMake as build system. A transversal, multipurpose, open source tool.”

Biicode plans to progressively release every part of its codebase as part of a comprehensive open-source strategy. Upcoming features and updates the biicode team plans for its open-source future include:

  • Connect and host directly to git, zip and other origins
  • Support for bigger files
  • Better support for binary artifacts
  • Social, communication, popularity indices, etc
  • Android and other toolchains (Emscripten) support
  • Release of an open source in-house server

The biicode source code is available on GitHub.